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Issue Papers present background information about key issues relating to healthcare quality. They include lengthy bibliographies and other information directing readers to in-depth information on the topics covered. They also offer suggestions for future research.

Helping Healthcare Providers Perform According to Standards: This work examines the principles for designing interventions to increase adherence to standards. It describes the main approaches and interventions that have helped providers meet clinical and administrative standards and summarizes the findings of studies evaluating the effectiveness of those interventions.
Download report (34 pages).

How Can Self-Assessment Improve the Quality of Healthcare?: Many healthcare providers in developing countries work without supervision. While self-assessment can be a lost-cost alternative to certain methods of supervision, any alternative must be effective as well as inexpensive. This paper reviews several studies of various kinds of self-assessment interventions and can help policy makers decide what kind of self-assessment program to implement and how to do so.
Download report (27 pages)

Measuring the Competence of Healthcare Providers: This paper reviews studies that examine the link between competence and performance. It explains how competence is acquired, discusses issues underlying behavior change, and describes several assessment methods.
Download report (28 pages).

The Use and Effect of Computer-Based Training in Health Care: What Do We Know?: After defining the various kinds of computer-based training (CBT), this paper reviews 10 years (1990-2000) of research on CBT in healthcare.
Download report (22 pages).

The Use and Effect of Distance Education in Healthcare: What Do We Know?: In addition to a summary of the issues that play a role in the implementation of distance education, this paper reviews selected studies undertaken between 1981 and 2001 on the effectiveness of education delivered over a distance.
Download report (24 pages)

The Use of Manual Job Aids by Health Care Providers: What Do We Know?: This literature review summarizes quantitative and qualitative research on difference healthcare job aid formats (excluding those used for counseling patients) and their effect on provider performance.
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(24 pages).


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