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QA Brief

This newsletter, published under the prior QAP contract, includes articles in project activities and technical approaches focused on a specific theme. Some issues are also available in French and Spanish.

A Comparison of QA and Performance Improvement: In addition to QA and performance improvement, this issue focuses on accreditation in South Africa, QI teams in Guatemala, identifying root causes, increasing compliance with standards, and community-based problem solving. (Spring 2001)
Download Brief (39 pages)

The Impact of Accreditation on Quality: This issue addresses accreditation as well as self-regulation of hospitals in India and implementing IMCI. (Fall 1999)
Download Brief (35 pages)
Lagrément en tant quoutil damélioration de la qualité
El uso de la acreditación para mejorar la calidad

Organizing for Quality: Options for Country Programs examines national level structures that organize QA functions and activities in different ways to facilitate quality work at the facility management and provider levels. (January 1999)
Download Brief (23 pages)
Organisation de la qualité: options pour des programmes nationaux
Organización para la calidad:Opciones para los programas de país

The Use of Evidence-based Medicine in Developing Countries: This issue emphasizes improving maternal and child health through QA; it also highlights use of case management maps in Uganda for pre-eclampsia, improving adherence to IMCI in Kenya and Malawi, using vendor-to-vendor education to improve drug prescribing practices, team-based problem solving in Rwanda and Kenya, and improving essential obstetric care in Bolivia. (Winter 2001)
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The Quality Assurance Project (QAP) is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) under Contract Number GPH-C-00-02-00004-00.