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JHPIEGOs ReproLine Reprints Two QA Project Articles

Two articles published by the QA Projects QA Brief, Spring 2001 edition, are now available on ReproLine, the website of JHPIEGO Corporation, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University. The articles are being published both on the ReproLine website and on CD-ROM, and will be distributed widely. The ReproLine website can be reached at www.reproline.jhu.edu.

One article, "Quality Improvement and Performance Improvement: Different Means to the Same End?" by Thada Bornstein, M.Ed., QA Project Deputy Training Director, addresses the similarities and differences between the Performance Improvement and Quality Improvement methodologies. It can be accessed at http://www.reproline.jhu.edu/english/6read/6pi/pi_qi/piqi1.htm.

The piece refers to another article in the same QA Brief by M. Rashad F. Massoud, M.D., M.P.H., Associate QA Project Director for Russia, NIS, Asia, and the Middle East. The piece, "Advances in Quality Improvement: Principles and Framework," outlines the key principles and framework of quality improvement. These components comprise the fundamental rule of improvement, the four elements of quality management, and the framework for clinical quality improvement. The article also describes the four-step quality improvement methodology (i.e., Identify, Analyze, Develop, and Test/Implement), and illustrates the application of this methodology to a spectrum of quality improvement approaches. This article can be reached at http://www.reproline.jhu.edu/english/6read/6pi/pi_advances/piadvances1.htm

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