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Accreditation & Regulation

"Lancet" Editorial Cites QAP's Hospital Accreditation Program  (March 2001)


Ecuador’s El Comercio Highlights Declining Newborn Mortality Rates at Hospitals Participating in Quality Improvement (October 2007)

Expansion of Nutrition Services Impacts Recovery of Malnourished Children in Niger (August 2007)

Pediatric Hospital Improvement Collaborative Addresses Neglected Area of Child Survival (August 2004)

Conferences & Presentations

Conferences Conclude LAMM Initiative in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Honduras (March 2002)

Global Health Conference Presentations Highlight Quality Improvement Methods and Results (June 2003)

Job Aids Symposium Introduces Powerful Ways to Improve Health Worker Performance (June 29, 2001)

Managing Quality Through Regulation: Priorities and Possibilities, October 2000 (December 2001)

QA Experts Contribute to Liverpool Conference via Internet
Web Participants Add to Lively Dialogue on Human Resources and Quality Assurance
(March 2001)

Roll-Back Malaria Conference Showcases  the QA Project's Malaria Drug Study
Innovative Intervention Educates Kenyans on Correct Treatment
(April 19, 2001)

Skilled Birth Attendant Results Presented at PAHO Conference (December 2005)

The USAID Maternal Health Technical Series (February 2001)

Operations Research

Assessing Private Sector TB Services in Cambodia (2005)

Job Aids Improve Patient Adherence to Treatment of Pneumonia in Niger (August 28, 2001)

Operations Research Studies Examine Determinants of Quality Maternal and Newborn Care (November 2002)

QAP Studies Stigma in HIV/AIDS Healthcare Services in Rwanda (November 2003)

Review Provides Evidence Base for HIV and Infant Feeding Guidelines (July 2003)


Publications & Products

American Journal of Public Health Cites QA Project Polio Report (Posted February 2002)

Article on Client Communication Behaviors Published in Patient Education and Counseling (November 2001)

Article on Improving Healthcare Worker Performance to be Published by International Journal (June 2001)

Article on QAP's Tuberculosis Case Management CD-ROM Appears in Tech Trends (May 2001)

Health Systems Assessment Approach Manual Launched at National Press Club (May 2007)

International Journal Publishes Paper on Interpersonal Communication Research (December 2005)

JHPIEGO’s ReproLine Reprints Two QA Project Articles (September 2001)

Malaria Journal Publishes Vendor-to-Vendor Education Article (May 2003)

MAQ Publishes QAP Paper on Supportive Supervision (July 2003)

QAP Monograph Featured on World Health Organization Website

QA Monograph Being Taught in Graduate Schools Around the World (Posted April 2002)

QAP’s Pioneering Work Published in ISQua Journal Supplement (December 2002)

QAP Staff RDT Article Published by the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
(March 2007)

Quality Assurance Project's Tuberculosis Case Management CD-ROM Wins Award

TB Case Management CD-ROM Developed in Spanish for Bolivia (May 2002)

Tuberculosis Case Management Tutorial Wins Global Award (November 2001)

Strategic Areas

ACTMalaria Course Teaches Quality Improvement in Western Pacific

Developing a Network of Providers to Support AIDS Patients

Expert View: Dr. Refiloe Matji on Integration of Care for TB/HIV Co-Infection (March 2008)

Preventing Maternal Deaths by Improving the Cultural Acceptability of Obstetrical Care (August 2006)

QAP and AIHA Pioneer Comprehensive System of Care for HIV/AIDS in Russia

QAP’s Methods for Malaria Case Management Emerge as Key Strategies

QA Project Implements Africa Malaria Day Activities in Kenya (April 2002)

QA Project’s Successful Program Featured in New Reproductive Health Manual (April 2002)

WHO Reaches Milestone in Global Efforts to Fight TB

World AIDS Day, 2003 (December 2003)


Addressing Adolescent Health Needs at WHO Global Consultation:
Taking Action to Enhance Quality in Adolescent Friendly Health Services
(April 2001)


Filipino Delegation Studies Leading-Edge QA Initiatives  (January 2001)

Improving Healthcare in Russia: QAP Demonstration Models Help Reduce Maternal and Newborn Mortality (May 2001)

LAMM Yapacani Hospital Ranked Fourth in Bolivia (June 29, 2001)
Hospital LAMM en Yapacani Designado Como el 4to. Mejor de Bolivia

Low-Cost Technology Prevents Infections, Reduces Diarrhea in Eritrea (September 2006)

Maternity Hospital is Baby Friendly (June 2001)

Ministry of Health of Ecuador Adopts Guidelines for Active Management of the Third Stage of Labor and Scales up its Implementation (September 2006)

New Quality Assurance and Workforce Development Project Awarded (Posted 2002)

QAP Contributes to a Life Being Saved (August 2005)

QAP/Russia Holds HIV/TB Co-Infection Roundtable in Moscow (posted November 2005)

QAP Supports Hurricane Felix Relief (September 2007)

Quality Improvement Program Expands to National Level in Russia

Quality Improvement Teams in South Africa Show Results (February 2002)

Rwanda Holds First Conference on Quality of Healthcare (April 2002)

West Nile Quality Design Project Integrates Refugee Health Services in Uganda (March 2002)

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