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QAP/Russia Holds HIV/TB Co-Infection Roundtable in Moscow
by Irina Kriukova

As part of the Treatment, Care and Support for People Living with HIV/AIDS program being implemented in Russia, QAP conducted on October 24-25 in Moscow, a two-day roundtable on coordinating HIV and TB co-infection detection and treatment. Attending the meeting were four representatives from each of the regional multidisciplinary teams which work on detection and treatment of HIV-TB co-infection in Russia.

The roundtable provided a forum for an exchange of ideas on HIV-TB detection and treatment. Leading international and national experts offered presentations on rates of HIV-TB co-infection in Russia, efforts to deliver services, and implementation of federal regulations. Presenters and participants shared international experiences and identified best practices to adapt.

Download Presentations in PDF:

Collaboration between the TB  and HIV Control Services in Russia (English) (Russian)

TB Diagnosis in HIV+ individuals (English) (Russian)

TB Preventive Therapy (English) (Russian)

Among the presenters were Dr. Olga Frolova, Director of the Federal TB Health Care Delivery Center for HIV-infected Patients, Ministry of Health Social Development (MOHSD) and Dr. Refiloe Matji, University Research Co., LLC (URC) Regional Director for Southern Africa. Dr. Frolova presented on the current HIV-TB situation in Russia and offered an update on MOHSD activities. Dr. Matji presented on diagnosis of TB in HIV-positive individuals, TB preventive therapy, and improving adherence to treatment programs. Dr. Matji also focused on evidence-based best practices used in South Africa which practitioners can adapt to regional environments in Russia.

Group discussions focused on TB screening in HIV-positive clients, TB preventive therapy, adherence to treatment programs, and drug resistance. In total, the round table hosted 31 participants including representatives of HIV-TB interdisciplinary teams from St. Petersburg , Togliatti (Samara Oblast), Engels (Saratov Oblast) and Orenburg, representatives of the U.S. Agency for International Development, American International Health Alliance, World Health Organization, and URC staff.

As a result of the round table, teams returned to their sites committed to developing locally appropriate algorithms of TB screening in HIV clients and TB preventive therapy in each region. QAP’s team in Russia hopes that these steps will eventually lead to the development of unified treatment regimens and uniform screening and patient eligibility criteria.

Feedback from participants and presenters suggested that the meeting prompted high levels of interest and engagement as well as promoting further cooperation and synergy between the four participating regions and various organizations and programs which currently operate in the Russian Federation . Similar roundtables may be held in other areas related to the project’s work, such as substance abuse. antiretroviral treatment (ART), or treatment readiness plans.

For more on the QAP’s work on treatment, care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS program, please contact Dr. Victor Boguslavsky, Country Director for Russia at vboguslavsky@urc-chs.com.



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