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Publications & Products

Articles published in professional journals highlight QAPs pioneering work to improve the quality of healthcare around the world.

Timeliness of care for eclampsia and pre-eclampsia in Benin, Ecuador, and Jamaica

Difficult choices: Infant feeding experiences of HIV-positive mothers in northern Tanzania

Epidemiologic transition in maternal mortality and morbidity: New challenges for Jamaica

Translating Global Recommendations on HIV and Infant Feeding to the Local Context: The Development of Culturally Sensitive Counselling Tools in the Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania reports QAP efforts to address the intricate and difficult problem of infant feeding in the time of HIV/AIDS. Published in Implementation Science, this research developed one set of job aids to guide counselors in discussing feeding options with expectant and new HIV-positive mothers and another set that mothers could take home for further consideration of infant feeding issues. The article explains intervention mapping (IM), which promotes close collaboration among stakeholders who are developing an intervention; IM also suggests steps for developing the intervention. Stakeholder collaboration in this case involved interviews with traditional birth attendants, nurse counselors, HIV-positive mothers, and others and focus group discussions with young and older women and young and older men. In addition, both community members and technical subject experts commented on the job aids as they were being developed, ensuring their cultural relevance. After describing the iterative process for developing the job aids—a Q&A guide, brochures on exclusive breastfeeding and replacement feeding, a counseling card on the relative risks of HIV infection, and an infant feeding tool box—the article offers thoughtful insights on the implications of infant feeding during the HIV/AIDS epidemic and intervention development. Download article (14 pages).

International Journal for Quality in Health Care Special Supplement

Quality Assurance in Low and Middle Income Countries: Experiences from the Quality Assurance Project, a Special Supplement to the International Journal for Quality in Health Care, highlights QAP's pioneering work to improve the quality of healthcare around the world.

Published with the December 2002, Vol. 14 issue of the journal, the supplement presents results of QAP operations research, program evaluations, and methodology refinement efforts. The journal is published by the Oxford University Press for the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua).

The supplement contains three sections: Research Study Reports, Methodological Approaches, and Evaluation of Country QA Programs. Research Study Reports feature original research on the effectiveness of diverse QA approaches. Methodological Approaches describe the development of new approaches to QA program institutionalization and evaluation. The Evaluation of Country QA Programs reports results from QA program evaluations in Chile, Zambia, and Niger.

The complete list of article titles and abstracts may be viewed online at:

Two articles have been designated as open access and are available to viewers by clicking on the links that appear below each article title:

“Increasing compliance with maternal and child care quality standards in Ecuador,” by Jorge Hermida and Maria E. Robalino. Int. J. Qual. Health Care 2002 14: 25-34.

Abstract           Full Article

 “A framework for institutionalizing quality assurance,” by Diana R. Silimperi, Lynne Miller Franco, Tisna Veldhuyzen van Zanten, and Catherine MacAulay. Int. J. Qual. Health Care 2002 14: 6773.

Abstract            Full Article

Vendor-to-Vendor Education to Improve Malaria Treatment by Private Drug Outlets in Bungoma District, Kenya: This article is available free at




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